Self Priming Monoblock Pumps (RSP-IA)

Brand Rathi
Model RSP-IA
Power Rating (KW/HP) 0.82/1.1
Pipe Size (mm) 25*25
Suction Lift 8
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Salient Features of Rathi Self Priming Monoblock pumps set High operating efficiency resulting in lower power consumption, Good suction lift characteristics, Dynamical balanced rotating parts including rotor & impeller, Balanced & Rigid construction, High working pressure & Designed for wide voltage fluctuations.

– Water Supply for domestic use in Bungalows, Apartments, Hotels, Hospitals, Farm houses etc.
– Useful in home pressure booster systems, Lawn sprinklers, overhead tanks and watering for gardens.
– Circulation of water in industries.

Material of Construction

Part Name Material
Pump Casing Cast Iron
Motor Frame Aluminium
Impeller H.T. Brass
Shaft Stainless Stell
sealing Mechanical Seal
(Carbon & Ceramic)
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How can we help you?