BPCL MAK Industrial Lubricants are a trusted Lubricant brand in the Industrial segment, catering to specific requirements of textiles, power, sugar, steel, off-highway vehicles and many others industries. We leave no stone unturned to suit the needs of specific industries and maximize performance. To achieve this level of optimization, each of the MAK Industrial lubricants in the wide product array is developed in close coordination with these industries.


Industrial Lubricants :
Bharat Petroleum understands the importance of the right lubricants in extending the life of vehicles and allowing customers to derive the maximum value out of them. The company offers a complete range of quality products, which includes Engine oils for 2 / 4 stroke two wheelers, for passenger cars & commercial vehicles, Transmission oils for automobiles, Industrial oils like Hydraulic oils, Cutting oils, Turbine oils, Compressor oils, Automotive and Industrial Greases, speciality oils like Brake fluids, Coolants, White oils & Transformer oils. Bharat Petroleum market 300+ different types of grades in various pack sizes with total combination of 650+ SKUs, under an umbrella brand called MAK® Lubricants

Infrastructure :

From excavators, dump trucks, tippers and all other construction equipment are subject to harsh conditions. Exposure to extreme cold or heat, moisture, dust and dirt can hurt lubricant performance and lead to premature equipment failure. MAK Lubricants comprehensive range of products give superior lubrication protection and performance, which will help eliminate your downtime and will help reducing your operating costs.

Power : 
With a deep understanding of power plants and their unique requirements, MAK Lubricants is ready to respond with reliability solutions including high-performance industrial lubricants for power generation. MAK offers variety of grades that will help plants, protect their critical equipment’s like steam turbines, generators, boiler feed pumps, ball mills, rod mills, bowl mills etc. MAK grades help you cut your maintenance costs by enhancing equipment protection, while contributing to increased equipment availability and reduced plant shutdowns.

General Machining :
Industry uses variety of machining operations to get their desired components. Machining operations are wide and complex ranging from making sheets, fasteners to designing complex gear sets and precision components. MAK has a range of products suitable for variety of machining operations, whether it’s turning, milling, deep drilling, tapping or grinding. MAK Lubricants range of neat cutting fluids, soluble cutting oils and forming oils have been formulated to provide better tool life and longer oil sump life, keeping material compatibility in focus.

Textile :
From raw cotton to finished material, textile processing is a long manufacturing process that depends on reliability and performance of different machines. Variety of operations like weaving, knitting, spinning use machines which are subject to high loads, high speeds, wide temperature ranges and many other factors that require lubricants which can give suitable protection and help gain efficiency in the processes. MAK offers a wide range of lubricants for the textile industry, that are specifically designed to withstand various criticalities of various textile machine operations.

Steel :
The process of steel production is harsh on lubricants. With extreme temperatures and loads, corrosion, abrasive particulates, caustic substances and acids all combining to create a tough environment for Industrial lubricants. One break in your process can halt production. MAK offers a wide range of products designed for steel industry including OEM approved product and synthetic oils. MAK grades help you cut your maintenance costs by enhancing equipment protection, while contributing to increased equipment availability.

Sugar :
Sugar processing factories operate in windows of four to six months, making it essential for equipment to work flawlessly in these periods. Any downtime and application failure caused by excessive moisture, high temperatures, contamination, heavy loads and long periods of operation affects productivity and ultimately may prove costly. We have developed products specially designed for sugar industry equipment. MAK grades provides excellent equipment protection, while contributing to increased equipment availability and reduced plant shutdowns.

Auto Ancillary :
Riding on the growth of auto industry the Indian auto components/ancillary industry has also experienced a healthy growth over the last few years. This industry uses range of manufacturing operations, uses specialized machineries and high end technologies to achieve precision and performance.

Understanding the specific requirements of the segment of Auto OEM & Ancillary industry, and backed up by its strong R&D, MAK has developed a wide range of high quality and performance-based lubricants, that provide performance and efficiency to the variety of applications and meet the specific technical requirements of the industry.

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Data source : www.bharatpetroleum.in

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