Frequently Asked Questions

What is BDFC Jain?

Our Firm “BDFC Jain Trading Company” is a locally grown, family-run business situated in Bahadurgarh City, Haryana. BDFC Jain have emerged as a market leader through our unmatched quality, unique designs and dedicated sales service. BDFC Jain deals in Sanitaryware Items, Plumbing Products, Fire Safety Equipments, and Industrial Fittings.

How is BDFC Jain different from others?

Unlike other, we do not work on a lead generation model. Uncompromised customer gratification is our idea of fulfilment. Offering our customers the best in quality products and best value has been the primary principle at BDFC Jain since its inception.

What products do BDFC Jain deals in?

BDFC Jain deals in Sanitaryware Items, Bathroom Fittings, Mild Steel Fittings, C-PVC Pipes, uPVC Pipes, PP-R Pipes, GI Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Submersible Pumps, Monoblock Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Induction Motors, Ball valves, Fire Pumps and accessories, Flanges, Domestic Flour Mill, Kitchen Sink, Water storage Tank, GI Sheets, Industrial Fittings. Click here for more Info.

What are different payment options available?

Paytm, Google Pay, Phone Pe, Net Banking or Mobile Banking, UPI, Cash on Delivery (COD).

Where is BDFC Jain located?

Shop No. 29, Anaj Mandi
Bahadurgarh, Haryana
Pincode – 124507

How to contact BDFC Jain?

Email Id –
Call, Whatsapp, Telegram Message us at 8059602755. Click here for more Info.

Is BDFC Jain on Social Media?

Yes, you can Follow BDFC Jain on Social Media.

What is Difference b/w uPVC Pipe and C-PVC Pipes?

The main difference between UPVC and CPVC is that UPVC is made without adding plasticizers whereas CPVC is made by adding plasticizers and undergoing the process of chlorination. However, when it comes to temperature resistance, CPVC can withstand a higher degree of temperature than UPVC.PVC

What is the full form of PVC, uPVC, C-PVC, PP-R, HDPE, GI?

PVC Pipes – Polyvinyl Chloride
uPVC – Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride
CPVC – Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride
PPR – Polypropylene Random
HDPE – High-Density Polyethylene
GI – Galvanized Iron

Are CPVC resistant to strong alkali and acids ?

CPVC are resistant to most alkali and acids and are therefore non-corrosive.

Where can I use CPVC?

CPVC is designed for use in hot-and-cold-water distribution systems. CPVC systems are ideal for all potable water piping requirements in typical residential (single and multi-family), motel/hotel, mobile homes, manufactured housing, light commercial, and institutional structures.

What is the difference between agri pipes and SWR Pipes?

SWR Pipes
a. UV Stabilized
b. Lightweight
c. Smooth internal finish, no scale, no corrosion resulting in better flow rates
d. Cost-effective
e. Fast installation

Agri Pipes
a. Agri Pipes are not UV Stabilized.
b. Right Product for Right Application.
c. Agri pipes are mostly of soft joints only.
d. Not that much Chemical resistance compare to SWR pipes.

Where to use full turn concealed valve?

When water head/pressures are High, it is recommended to use a multi-turn mechanism for better flow control.

What is the difference b/w Type A and Type B pipes?

Type A pipes are used for ventilation pipework and rainwater harvesting applications, and also for rainwater.

Type B pipes are used for Waste discharge systems and for soil.

Are PVC pipes resistant to chemicals?

PVC pipes have excellent resistance to chemical attack which make them particularly suitable for a wide range of applications. PVC is resistant to most oils, fats, alcohols and petrol, but some petrol-based fuels containing benzene cause swelling. PVC piping systems are used in industrial applications for their excellent chemical resistance. However, sealing rings are not recommended for these applications and solvent cemented joints are preferred.

What are the benefits of PVC Pipes over Iron Pipes?

PVC is lighter in weight and easier to work with and it is also very affordable. Over time of use, the iron pipes get oxidized, rusted and the quality of water declines. PVC plastic pipe is not susceptible to environmental corrosion such as the weathering effects of rusting and pitting. Plastic materials such as PVC are often described as “non-corrosive” or corrosion-resistant compared to metal/steel.

What is Rotomould Technology?

Rotational moulding, also known as rotomoulding, is a plastics moulding technology that is ideal for making hollow articles. It is a casting technic but unlike most other plastics processes there is no pressure involved. Moulds for the process are relatively inexpensive as they do not have to withstand pressure and therefore relatively short production runs can be made very economically. Rotational moulding involves a heated hollow mould which is filled with a charge or shot weight of material. It is then slowly rotated (usually around two perpendicular axes) causing the softened material to disperse and stick to the walls of the mould. In order to maintain even thickness throughout the part, the mould continues to rotate at all times during the heating phase. It also rotates during the cooling phase to avoid sagging or deformation.

What is butt welding used for?

A butt joint, or butt weld, is a joint where two pieces of metal are placed together in the same plane, and the side of each metal is joined by welding. A butt weld is the most common type of joint that is used in the fabrication of structures and piping systems. It’s fairly simple to prepare, and there are many different variations that can be applied to achieve the desired result. Source – 

What is Socket Weld Fittings?

A Socket Weld is a pipe attachment detail in which a pipe is inserted into a recessed area of a Valve, fitting or flange. In contrast to buttweld fittings, Socket Weld fittings are mainly used for small pipe diameters (Small Bore Piping); generally for piping whose nominal diameter is NPS 2 or smaller. Source –

What brands BDFC Jain deals in?

BDFC Jain deals in multiple brands in different categories. In plumbing category, we have leading brands like Supreme, Astral, Prince, Birla, Plasto, Sintex. Kerovit by Kajaria, Hindware, Gravity, Viega, Grohe, Colston are served under Sanitaryware and Bath fittings categories. Apart from these, we have other brands also, please contact BDFC Jain for best deals on your Material requirements.

Product Categories
Product Categories
Sanitaryware ItemsTaps, Faucets, Toilet Seats, Bidets, Urinals, Seat Covers, Washbasin, Vanity, Pedastal Stand, Faucets, Divetor, Kitchen Sink, Sink Mixture, Long Body Taps, Wall Mixture, PTMT Taps, Connection Pipes, EWC (European Water Closet), Cistern, Health Faucets.
Mild Steel FittingsSocket, Union, Cross, Tee, elbows, tees, Y, crosses, couplings, unions, compression fittings, caps, plugs and valves, Elbow 45º, Elbow 90º, Reducer Tee, Flanges, Hex Head, 180º Return, Barrel Nipple, S/W Cross, Union, S/W 90° Elbow, Butt Weld Fittings
Fire Accessories Fire Hose & Fittings, Fire Hydrants System, Instantaneous Adaptors, Hose Component, Adapters and Caps, Hose Reel and Cabinets, Pillar Hydrants and Nozzles, Storz Coupling, Threaded Adapters, Blank caps and chains, Flange Adapters, Pumper Adapter, Dividing Breechings, Collecting Breeching, Foam Equipments, Fire Safety Equipments, Right Angled Flange, Turn down Flange, Straight Valve, Gate Valve, Pressure Regulating Valve, Pressure Restricting Valve, Air Release Valve, Fire Pressure Gauge, Dry Riser Fittings, Gun Metal Hose Reel Nozzle, Rubber Hose, Flange Adapters.
PipesuPVC Pipes (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride), CPVC Pipes (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride), PP-R Pipes (Polypropylene Random), GI (Galvanized Iron) Pipes, Conduit Pipes, Cast Iron Pipes, Agriculture Pipes, PVC Suction Hose Pipe, PVC Steel Wire Hose Pipes, Hose Fittings, Garden Pipe, Carbon Steel IBR Pipes.
Pipe FittingsCoupler Tee Reducer,Coupler MTA, Cross Tee, Elbow 45º, Elbow 90º, Reducer Tee, Union, FTA, Tank Nipple, End Cap, Reducer Elbow 90º, Brass FTA, Brass Elbow, Ball Valve, Brass Tee, Brass MTA, Long Bend Metal Clamp, Step over Bend, Reducer MTA, Reducer FTA Brass Pipe Clip, Solvent Cement, End Plug, Reducer Bush, Reducer MTA Brass, Union Ball Valve, Concealed Valve, Tank Connector, Short Bend, Wall Mixture Fixture, Y-Strainer, Bye Pass Bend, Hex Nipple, Ball Valve (Assly), Ball Valve (union type), Flange Adapter, Blind Flange, Equal Tee, Reducing Tee (F), Reducing Bush, Elbow Holder.
Pumps & MotorsMonoblock Pumps, Induction Motors, Centrifugal Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Shallow Well Pumps, Heavy Duty Pumps.
FlangesSlip On Flange / SO Flanges, Weld Neck Flange / WNRF Flanges, Blind Flanges / Blank Flange, Lap Joint Flanges, Threaded Flange, Threaded Raised Face Flange, Socket Weld Flanges, Plate Flanges / Flat Face Flanges, Ring Joint Insertion Flanges, Male-Female Flange, Reducer Flanges, Long Neck Flanges, PVC Flange, MS Flange, Forged Steel Flanges, SS Flanges.
Flour MillDomestic Aata Chakki, Cabinet Style Flour Mill, Square Aata Chakki, Round Aata Chakki, Table Top Flour Mill, Automatic Flour Mill, Semi Automatic Flour Mill (आटा चक्की)
OthersWater Storage Tank, Ball Valve, GI Sheets, Bath Fittings, Mainhole Covers, Bathroom View Mirrors, Forged Steel Fittings, GI Barbed Wire (Kaate waali Taar), Kitchen Sink, Water Meters, Foundation Bolts, Chemical Earthing Rods and Strips.
How can we help you?
How can we help you?