Globe Valves – ASME Class 150 to 600

L&T Globe Valves are of outside screw-and-yoke design. The valves are available with flanged and butt-weld ends.
Class 150, 300, 600

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Features :
• Integral body seat. In-situ hardfacing provided for Trim 12 and 16 valves
• Non-Rotating Rising-Stem for lower operating torque
• Globe Valve stem-disc connection, allows disc to swivel and align for better seal
• Guided disc to avoid vibration during throttling
• Body-bonnet Joint – Class 150 Globe Valves offered with square-shaped body-bonnet joints in size 2” and with oval-shaped joints in 3” size. Valves in all other sizes and pressure classes offered with circular body-bonnet joints.
• Complies to API 624 and ISO 15848 fugitive emission requirements

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How can we help you?