Maharashtra Seamless Pipes (MSL)

Maharashtra Seamless Pipes (MSL) Carbon Steel & Tubes
✅ Size Range :
1/2″ Inch (15mm NB) to 20″ Inch (500mm NB)

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Seamless pipe as the name suggests is a pipe without a seam or a weld-joint in contrast to Seam or Welded pipe. In a Seam or Welded pipe, the seam or the weld-joint is the weaker part of the pipe limiting the strength of the pipe to the strength of the weld-joint. Whereas the seamless pipe does not have any such joint and thus has uniform structure & strength all over the pipe body. Thus the seamless pipe can withstand higher pressure, higher temperature, higher mechanical stress & corrosive atmosphere and find wide applications in Oil & Gas, Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical, Fertilizer, Power, Automotive, Bearing, Mechanical & Structural applications.

How can we help you?
How can we help you?