MAK HYDROL HLP Hydraulic Oils

MAK HYDROL HLP Applications :

  • Recommended for hydraulic systems and a wide variety of circulation systems of industrial and automotive equipment.
  • Also used in General manufacturing, Metal and Power equipment
  • Suitable for the lubrication of screw and vane type rotary compressors
  • Recommended for mining and construction equipment


  • Outstanding Oxidation Stability: Reduces consumption, filter blocking and valve sticking.
  • Good water and foam resistant properties: Separates out water very fast in case of water ingression releases entrapped air immediately to avoid foaming.
  • Excellent Hydrolytic Stability: This avoids absorption of water in oil and thus enhances fluid life.
  • Excellent Seal Compatibility: Prolongs seal life and reduces maintenance.
  • Higher FZG Rating: Makes it suitable for use at higher load conditions.
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MAK HYDROL HLP Hydraulic Oils
Industrial extra heavy duty hydraulic fluid for long life, excellent performance and protection

MAK Hydrol HLP oils are high performance premium quality hydraulic oils. They are blended from highly refined, high viscosity index Group II plus base oils with carefully selected balanced antiwear additive. These oils are designed to operate over a wide range of working conditions including low load and severe high load conditions. They provide outstanding protection and performance in manufacturing and other operations. Formulated for excellent water separation, exceptional hydrolytic stability, anti-foam characteristics and cleanliness they allow efficient operation of the system. Superior moisture handling capability ensures longer life and reduces the risk of rusting and corrosion. MAK Hydrol HLP oils are compatible with seal materials and paints normally specified for use in hydraulic systems with mineral oils.

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