PV Seal PVC Solvent Cement Heavy Bodied

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For joining any Soil Waste and Rainwater PVC pipes in drainages, sewage, household plumbing, and industries, you may rely on the PV Seal PVC Solvent Cement Heavy Bodied. It is the perfect way to avoid leaking pipes.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy to apply
  • Quick, long-lasting bond
  • Creates a strong seal
  • Better gap filling
  • Possesses high viscosity
  • Low wastage makes the cement economical
  • Uniform consistency


  1. Square cut the pipe as per required size and de-burr(s) with de-burring tools.
  2. Clean the overlapping surfaces of pipe – socket
  3. Shake well before using
  4. Apply the cement on overlapping surfaces with a brush
  5. Insert the pipe immediately and rotate 90° for better spreading
  6. Wipe excess solvent with cloth
  7. Align it well and hold it for 10 – 20 seconds
  8. If the pipe diameter exceeds 3 inches, apply primer


  • Put the cap back on immediately after use
  • Do not apply with fingers
  • Keep away from naked flame

Chemical Specs

Suitable Pipe Diameter Up to 4-inch pressure pipe & up to 12-inch non-pressure pipe
Specific Gravity at 30° C 0.88 – 0.92
Handling time 15 minutes
Cure time 2 hours

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