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One of the most used seats in your home is the toilet. Everyone wants their toilet to be clean and comfortable. It should suit the style of your bathroom and complement it even more. Kerovit offers you with a wide range of toilets in various styles, shapes, and sizes. You would surely find the one that perfectly fits your bathroom.

Choosing the Right Toilet
The most important thing to consider when purchasing a toilet is its size. Also, keep in mind the distance between the center of the floor drain and the wall. Toilets do not come in one size for all. It even depends on the height of the person for example, for a tall person, a small toilet won’t do. Along with height, the shape of the toilet bowl should also be considered. Not just the common elongated and round bowls but we present to you a never seen before square bowl.

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Elegant style and panache united with comfort

Kerovit’s wide range of One Piece Toilet are designed to enhance your bathroom decor and experience. Made with utmost precision Kerovit brings wellness into your home with great style and panache.

One Piece Toilets give a modern appearance to your bathroom and are space saving. There are no joints or gaps between the bowl and water tanks so no dirt or grime gathers, making them super hygienic.

Benefits of One Piece Toilet Seat

  • It’s the best contemporary bathroom design for every modern home.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain as it has no gap between the water tank and bowl. Its more hygienic as there is no bacteria or dirt to hid between the gaps.
  • It is compact and space saving for your bathroom as it is a single piece. Best for small, compact bathrooms

One must buy product when you are purchasing sanitary ware products is the washbasin. Whether you are giving a makeover to your bathroom or adding a new washbasin, you will come across a huge variety of materials and designs to choose from. The advancement of technology has literally given us some artistic designer wash basin with high- functionality.

Kerovit provides a huge number of washbasin options guarantying excellent quality. The washbasins come in so many shapes and size that you cannot even imagine. They readily change the décor and aesthetics of your bathroom.

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How can we help you?