Industrial Antiwear Hydraulic fluid for superior performance

MAK Hydrol AW range is a group of premium quality, transparent and Antiwear hydraulic oils. They are blended from hydro-processed, high viscosity index base oils with carefully selected Antiwear and other additives. These oils are designed to operate over a wide range of working conditions including low load and severe high load conditions. High rate of water separation, exceptional hydrolytic stability, anti-foam and cleanliness allow efficient operation of the system. These oils ensures high level of Antiwear property and film strength.

Specifications :
IS 3098:1983 [Reaffirmed 1998]
IS 10522:1983 [Reaffirmed 1998]
IPSS : 1-09-022
Vickers V-104C Vane pump test
DIN 51 524 Part 1 HL Type

These oils are recommended for general hydraulic equipment in control and power transmission systems and for circulating equipment.

Fortified with very carefully selected anti-wear additives
They also show exceptional hydrolytic stability and demulsibility and resist any deterioration due to water contamination.
These oils are compatible with seals normally used in hydraulic systems.

  • ISO VG 32 46 68
  • KV@40°C 32.2 46.5 68.5
  • VI 115 115 112
  • Flash Point °C (COC) 220 224 230
  • Pour Point °C -12 -12 -12
ISO VG324668
Flash Point °C (COC)220224230
Pour Point °C-12-12-12

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