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Difference b/w CPVC Pipes, PVC Pipes & GI Pipes

ParametersGI PipesPVC PipesCPVC Pipes
Full FormGalvanised IronPoly Vinyl ChlorideChlorinated Poly Vinyl Chloride
CompositionIron/ ZincChlorine/ Ethylene/ Color Pigments/ AdditivesChlorine/ Ethylene/ Color Pigments/ Additives
Hot Water LinesOnly for Cold Water Supply / Can be used for Hot water supply with woolen insulation around the pipe.Only for Cold Water Supply.Both Hot & Cold Water Supply.
DurabilityVery GoodGoodGood
Corrosion ResistanceNoYesYes
Chlorine ResistanceReactive to ChlorineReactive to ChlorineUnaffected by Chlorine
Types of Pipe Quality (Gauge)Class A (Low) / Class B(Medium) / Class C (Heavy)Class 1/ Class 2/ Class3/ Class5Class 1 SDR 11/ Class 2 SDR 13.5
DuctilityPoorGoodVery Good
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