Kirloskar Three Phase Monoblock Pump

Key Features
KDI-235+, 2 HP, Three Phase, 415 Volts, Size 50mm X 40mm 

  • High Efficiency & Energy Saving Design – This monobloc pump has a higher output at lesser operating cost and longer life
  • Design to Prevent Overloading – Protects pump from overloading & trouble free operations for the years
  • Wide Voltage Design – Pump has the capacity to operate from 350 to 440 volts
  • Automatic Air Release- Automatically releases air when the pump starts which ensures swifter and smoother operations
  • CED coating – It provides 5 times more protection from corrosion over conventional painting
  • Superior Mechanical Seal- Superior quality of mechanical seal ensures zero leakage, lower friction loss, and protects from wearing of shaft, thus resulting in easy maintenance and longer life.
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Kirloskar Three Phase Monoblock Pump 2 Hp comprise a flatter efficiency curve for efficient operation. These heavy-duty self-priming monobloc pumps can withstand voltage fluctuations ranging from 350 to 440 volts. Kirloskar monobloc pumps are perfectly suited for industrial applications for handling clear water at high pressures and for other water-handling applications in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems, cooling towers, firefighting systems, etc.

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How can we help you?