MAK SPIROL EP Gear Oil Applications :

  • Recommended for gear boxes of all types of vehicles requiring EP type of oils
  • It can also be used in rear axles wherever OEMs recommend GL-4 type of oils

MAK SPIROL EP Gear Oil Benefits :

  • Provides better wear protection to transmission components and gears even under severe operating conditions
  • Excellent low temperature fluidity ensures better lubrication of gear system parts over wide range of operating temperatures
  • Superior protection against rust and corrosion enhances gear system life
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Superior quality API GL-4 oil for automotive manual transmission and gear box

MAK Spirol EP 90 is a superior quality extreme pressure automotive Gear lubricant. It is formulated from select base stocks and advanced additive system. This oil is developed for use in spur, helical, hypoid and bevel gears where mild extreme pressure is expected. Multifunctional additives impart good anti-wear, antirust characteristics along with high resistance to oxidative and thermal degradation. It has a high film strength even at an elevated bulk oil temperature and offers protection to the gear. This oil facilitates easy gear shifting even at a very low ambient temperature. MAK Spirol EP 90 is compatible with seal materials normally specified for use in automotive gear systems with mineral oils.

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